Manolos New Shoes

Manolos New Shoes

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The companion to the bestselling Manolo Blahnik Drawings, this book presents a brand new collection of Manolos celebrated shoe designs.

Manolo Blahnik’s name has become synonymous with beautifully crafted, highly desirable theatrical shoes that ooze originality, style and exuberance. For four decades his unique vision has held the fashion world spellbound. His design process begins with colour-rich sketches that are so finely executed they are as sought-after as the shoes themselves. Here you can peruse over 150 of these witty, seductive drawings.

As Andre Leon Talley, the Editor at Large at American Vogue, has said of Manolo Blahnik – He captures the most powerful of emotions: desire.

The book is organized to express Manolo Blahnik’s passions – art history, architecture, film, including his renowned designs for Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette, theatre and flora and fauna.

An introduction by Manolo Blahnik himself is followed by contributions from some of the best-known names in fashion:

• Suzy Menkes is Fashion Editor of the International Herald Tribune.
• Grace Coddington is Creative Director at American Vogue.
• Carlos Garcia-Calvo is Fashion Editor of El Mundo.
• Milena Canonero won her third Oscar for her costume design for Sofia Coppola’s
Marie Antoinette.
• Amy Fine Collins is Special Correspondent to Vanity Fair.

Sketches, photographs of the sometimes gravity-defying heels and insights into his inspirations’ Vogue

A glorious book for shoe addicts’ Tatler

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Информация за книгата:

Издател: Thames & Hudson
Категория: English Language Books , Fashion
Година: 2010
Страници: 200
ISBN: 9780500288856
Баркод: 9780500288856
Тегло: 1.18 кг.
Размер: 23.00x29.60 см.



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