In My Shoes: A Memoir

In My Shoes: A Memoir

Автор: Tamara Mellon
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The Jimmy Choo founders personal and candid account of her life in the fashion business. When Tamara Mellons father lent her the money to start a high-end shoe company, he cautioned her: Dont let the accountants run your business. Little did he know. Over the next fifteen years the struggle between the suits and the creatives would dominate, as Tamara Mellons business savvy and design flair built Jimmy Choo into a premier name in the ultra-competitive fashion world.

Jimmy Choos success came at a high price - including struggles with a conniving CEO, a turbulent marriage, a brutal takeover attempt, and a mother who tried to steal her hard-earned wealth. Now, as she builds her next fashion venture, Tamara Mellon finally shares her whole larger-than-life story. In My Shoes is a must-read for fashion aficionados, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone who loves a juicy true story about sex, drugs, money, power, overcoming adversity ...and high heels.

"Wonderfully bling. Fans of Sex and the City will love this memoir".

Sunday Times

"Compelling. A fascinating journey".


"Impressively erudite and candid autobiography. Reads like a Danielle Steel novel, only way more incredible - and glamorous!"

Glamour UK

"Brilliant memoir of the genius who created the worlds sexiest shoes". (Mail on Sunday). "A glorious, compelling story".

Times Magazine

Tamara Mellon OBE is the cofounder and the former CEO and chief creative officer of Jimmy Choo, which she led for fifteen years. Since selling her share of the company, she has focused on creating a new eponymous lifestyle brand. She divides her time between London and New York. William Patrick has cowritten numerous memoirs, including Sidney Poitiers number-one bestseller The Measure of a Man.

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Информация за книгата:

Автор: Tamara Mellon
Издател: Portfolio
Година: 2013
Страници: 288
ISBN: 9780670923632
Баркод: 9780670923632



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